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Three months after I was complaining in my journal that it didn't feel like much progress had been made. We had no idea.

That's not how time fixing works

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I just need to vent a little

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So 23 months after the first earthquake they're going to destroy the first building by IMPLOSION. I am, seriously, so excited, and so are lots and lots of other people. I really hope we find a good place to watch from for an epic implosion party. It's planned for August 5 so we have two or three weeks. You guys really have no idea how fucking stoked-making this is. Most of the deconstruction is depressing and divisive as fuck so having something like this that we can (hopefully) watch and see it happen all at once in a cool way is really refreshing. Also, we get to see a building collapse that doesn't kill over a hundred people, so, there's that.

Also this happened:

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please tv

I got around to watching the first three episodes of Grimm and basically can't shake the feeling that it's Lost Girl with all the good characters replaced with bland, generic men. Why do writers think interesting, diverse characters means manpain, being an arrogant asshole and throwing in a black guy? It pretty much guarantees that I'll be spending most of my time trying to tell the main characters apart because they're all the same and my faceblindiness is particularly bad when it comes to white guys, which is what every writer in tv wants to write for some reason, and women are restricted to "mysterious blonde, possibly evil" and "main character's love interest".



What can I watch?

Here is stuff I watch:
Dr Who
White Collar
Once Upon a Time
Covert Affairs
Lost Girl
Downton Abbey
Note how all of this has (usually) several fierce women

Here is stuff I watch despite hating the supposed main character/s:
The Mentalist
Criminal Minds

Here is stuff I found tedious:
I don't know whatever other stuff I forgot because it sucked
Note how all of this is about nothing but guys

Please tell me what I will like, excluding anything that has a cast that's mostly guys because almost any show that resorts to a cast of mostly guys is hiding an extreme lack of being able to write people who aren't boring as fuck and also, as stated, I can't tell them apart.

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FIC: Not Hardly Romantic (Jack/Ianto)

Title: Not Hardly Romantic
Author: phaetonschariot
Rating: Mature (for one wee bit at the end) - closer to PG-13 than R
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Length: 869 words
Summary: There's a lot of push and pull in this thing between them, trying to figure each other out without tearing it to pieces. They're very different people, in the end. (Also, the goddamned pet names.)

Off-site at AO3

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guys check it out

Video of actual honest-to-god governmental business from people who are running the goddamned country.

This whole thing with John Banks is so ridiculous it's seeping into Parliament. Amazing.

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does anyone have a spare AO3 invite? I have gmail addresses for like all my journal names and my twitter.

eta: got one, yay

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Vid: Boys Keep Swinging (White Collar)

Title: Boys Keep Swinging
Artist: David Bowie
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Neal Caffrey
Rating: PG

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my fandom has canon sex-swap.

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So I'm replaying Pokemon Emerald, and I'm training to take on the Psychic gym leaders in Mossdeep City. Naturally when you're going to beat down some psychic types you're going to want some dark on your team. No problem for me, I have Absol - I love him, he's awesome.

But here's what gets me. In Gen III, which is what Emerald falls under, moves are classed as special or physical by type. Physical attacks use ATK, special attacks use Sp.Atk. Dark is classed as special. (Later generations each move is classed individually.) But they have these dark Pokemon, like Absol or Sneasel and to a lesser extent Pooch/Mightyena, that seriously rocket up the ATK stat, but their Sp.Atk is dick all. It's not even just dark types - I'm training my Trapinch, which is ground type but will evolve at level 35 to ground/dragon, and it has not only epic ATK (at the expense of many other things, especially speed), but the Hypercutter ability that blocks anything from lowering its ATK stat. But it's smushed full of dark attacks. I had Bite and Feint Attack with just the ground move Sand Tomb to bolster them (which is a fairly weak attack with low accuracy, though it does do small damage to the victim after the next 2-5 turns afterwards) and Sand Attack as a utility move to lower foe accuracy, then I got Crunch (and replaced Bite for it).

Why do they do this? WHY? Houndour at least has the same base ATK and Sp.Atk, though I suspect that's more because it's fire/dark and fire is special too. I ended up using TM30, Shadow Ball, on Absol because ghost moves are physical - god only knows why ghost is physical but dark is special. Both of them are strong against psychic while psychic attacks can't damage dark type Pokemon at all, which is the important thing.

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Feb. 22nd, 2012

My heart holds such sadness today.

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Our next door neighbours for the last few years have been this elderly couple. They'd have grandkids over on the weekend but they were pretty quiet. Recently they decided they were getting too old for the house (it has steep internal stairs) but really liked the area, so when another neighbour sold up, they bought the place and moved across the road. Consequently we have new next door neighbours.

They moved here from the red zone, so the smell of sewage from the river, the occasional liquefaction, the swamp in the garden of the house on the corner, the water that inexplicably bubbles up out of the road sometimes and the sudden unexpected overnight pot holes are all pretty ho-hum for them. And the green-blue of our zone (the worst of the greens, meaning it's okay to build on but needs special foundations etc etc) is much, much better than red, or orange, or white, so it's a good move for them.



They have invited every child in the world to a New Years Eve party, and issued them all with noisemakers.

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here's a picture

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So as well as the first 5.8 yesterday we later had a 6.0 (which was also closer and shallower), as well as 53 other quakes in the last day. Some parts of the city lost power, but the water is mostly fine, sewerage ditto, and there haven't been any deaths or serious injuries, only a couple dozen minorer ones. At least two buildings collapsed, but they were already vacant because they'd been deemed unsafe. All the malls closed yesterday but all but one were reopen today (and packed), and the airport was closed and evacuated for a few hours as well. There's liquefaction and sand volcanoes throughout the east, but not as bad as earlier in the year. There's also no postal service today, which is a pain because I'm waiting for crochet hooks to arrive - it would have been a good activity to keep myself busy.

Jasper was quite scared of the shaking and I wrapped him in a towel and gave him cuddles for like three hours while I followed the news. He's feeling lots better today. I'm mostly just frustrated, and pissed off at the inevitable people from outside the city who think they should be able to tell us how to feel, though during the constant aftershocks yesterday I did briefly look at the rental market in Palmerston North (which is where the university I'm enrolled in for extramural courses next year is) to confirm that there's no fucking way in hell I could move if I wanted to. Other people are a lot worse off. While we knew it was possible there'd be another big one, everyone was hoping that it was going away. We'd barely felt anything in a couple of weeks, just a few little wobbles. I think there was a lot of looking forward to next year and getting much more into the rebuild phase rather than weathering the shocks, and that's just been dashed again. This is probably the third time that's happened from last September on - February itself, then June 13, then yesterday. Each time people were starting to think that it was quieting down.

The even more frustrating thing is that re-insurers had been looking at re-entering the market here if there was no M6 by the end of the year. Now, we don't know what will happen. It's almost impossible to get a new insurance policy on a house and premiums on existing policies are getting much higher, but no one wants to risk being without so they just have to suck it up and deal. Just another stress on top of everything else.

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another big quake. power on phones off baby rabbit wrapped up in my lap. not sure of damage yet.

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Jack is a stalker

I've been playing Sims 2 a lot because it's mindless and fun and today I was playing with my hippie Demelza Robins, who's working on getting to celebrity chef while earning money from her gardening, improving her painting, and one day may start raising dogs too.

She recently moved house to have slightly more space, so three random people promptly turned up to welcome her to the neighbourhood (the same neighbourhood, she was right next door before), one of whom was Jack Harkness. She actually ended up with about six people over and they wandered off in the evening.

The next morning, Jack called her for a chat and they made friends before hanging up. That was in the morning.

In the afternoon, Jack called her again with the little dialogue that goes "I was looking through my phone book and saw your name and thought I should call you. We should hang out sometime!" I was like yeah ok, I'll call you later on, dealt with another phone call and went to start her making dinner. Straight away, half an hour after the phone book call, Jack calls again - the third time in one day - saying "Hey, how come you never call me? AREN'T WE FRIENDS?"

You're scary, Jack. You met this girl a day ago. No wonder Ianto refused your hug at the housewarming party, you freak.

(Incidentally I also had a dream where Suzie, like, seduced Ianto for some freaky bloodplay sex with the Life Knife and then tried to SURPRISE!kill him but he managed to get away and lose her in the back streets of Cardiff - does Cardiff have back streets? - so she went back to the Hub to stake out Jack in case he came back. Which would actually be a hilarious AU fic.)

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Selling things

I'm putting a whole pile of books up on Trademe - the list is here for locals (I'm working on it now, there's about 34 in total). Sometime in the near future I'll do the same with DVDs and then CDs, which I can probably cancel auctions and ship overseas on request.

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fucked up insecure neurotic emotional

I don't really go in for the idea of "everything will be different when the calendar ticks over!" but really, fuck this year. I am so ready for the next one. Except that looking at political and social trends, next year won't be better. It will just hopefully be more lacking in natural disasters and shit.

I need to like... I don't know. I need to get everything out but I'm not good at it. I brought my baby bunny's ashes home today and I want to bring Nellie inside but I have to PLAN things and I don't want to plan anything I want to just not do anything ever again and have things just happen conveniently.

Make a dr appt to get letters to support my limited full-time stuff
Go to WINZ to get an authorised copy of deed poll to send to Massey to prove my new name
ditto ditto to change the bank account they pay my benefit to
Make an appt with WINZ to figure out the crap with my student loan because omg the website, cannot deal

Probably some stuff I can't remember. Because I am just really really tired. Can I just, like, get someone else to run my life for a while?

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For the record I am going with this pic:

The delineation in blur doesn't show really in the actual pattern, it just focuses emphasis a bit more on his faise rather than the background.

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please help my bunnies

If this was for me, I would never do this, and I still wasn't going to until I started adding up costs and looking at exchange rates. To give you an idea, Holly's vet treatment came to NZ$400 ($250 deposit + $149.70 when I took him home), cremation will be NZ$155, then I'll have to find the perfect box to put his ashes in. I can handle this and the materials to make my memorial cushion.

Then, I need to bring Nellie inside. I am going to demand it, basically. I have finally located somewhere to get the wire cubes that my American friends use to make condos - it's an Australian place that will make a condo for me. The quote I have from her is AUD$200 and she thinks shipping might be AUD$50 or more. In NZD that (including $50 shipping) comes to $330. (If anyone in Australia can find somewhere that might be able to do this or similar cheaper, please let me know! For the record if you're asking people for shipping quotes I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, postcode 8022)

I'm happy to provide screenshots of emails, photographs of receipts from the after hours vet and for the cremation, etc, and of course I have a long history of online presence in one place or another. If there is something I'm asked to provide to show that this is genuine, and I can provide it, I will, or hopefully at least something similar. Some people may be willing to vouch for me, also.

So. I don't like money for free so I've been wracking my brains for things I could offer in exchange for donations. So far I've come up with:

Non-locals, fandom people:
A drabble of your request, longer for bigger amounts.
Mini-scavenger hunt photographs (1-3 things that I'll search for in my fucked up city and get pictures of).
Beaded keyring if it's enough that I could easily take postage out of it.
Signed and decorated thank you note (as above).

Locals (this may extend to all of New Zealand but I'm not sure of the practicality of shipping):
A woven putiputi (flax flower)
Beaded keyring
Signed and decorated thank you note.
A delicious cupcake

For Kiwis and particularly locals I should also be coming up with a list of things like books and DVDs to sell outright - small things eg cds I'd be able to ship internationally. If I'm lucky I might even be able to find some completed cross-stitch designs decent enough to see the light of day. :P

Additional information:
My regular vet is At The Vets, previously St Martins Vet. The rabbit vet there is Heather Remnant.
The after-hours vet is this one which doesn't seem to have its own website. The pin's in a sort of misleading place - going north on Antigua Street it's on the right, on the southern side of Disraeli Street, next to some kind of garage.
The cremation service is Fond Farewells which doesn't have a website either, my vet deals directly with them.
This is the place in Australia that makes condos.

ETA: Ahh silly copy-paste apparently I'm incompetent at the moment. Also! [personal profile] sylumgator is awesome and says,

Also, I do some artwork/drawings. If anyone would donate $25 US (not sure exchange rate?) I will draw a picture of their animal from a photo they provide. They will get an HQ scan and I will ship them the original. http://snufflesdbear.wordpress.com for some samples. approx 5x7, pencil, unframed/unmatted. Your bunny gets money! They get a great christmas gift.
I would say for out-of-US shipping, I should hear from people before this weekend.
No people drawing, pets only. 1 pet per picture.

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help me choose

I am going to turn a photo into a cross stitch pattern - the background will be removed/faded/blurred/whatever as appropriate - and then I will make a cushion with some of holly's fur in it for stuffing. I picked some photos but idk what one.

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important question

Why did the world mislead me?


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so that happened

Today they opened up a small section of town - about half a block of the pedestrian shopping road (like an outdoor mall I guess?). It's mostly expensive boutique shops, but it was huge. This is the closest most people have been to the central city in eight months so there were big crowds waiting to be let in.

I wasn't sure if I was going to go, honestly, because I knew it was going to be horrid and emotional and nerve-wracking and terrifying, so I was putting off making a decision until my mother and sister got ready to leave and were all "R U COME?" and I wanted to go into camp anyway so I went "O OK".

Then I only went into one shop because fuck that. It was so crowded. You could barely move, it was super hard to find the sections of books you might be interested in, there was a drip from the ceiling, and when I was waiting at the cashier the ground was constantly rumbling and rolling under my feet (I assume from the machinery working on adjacent sites and the containers not having shock absorbers) and there's also a ton of light aircraft today. Cue: this far from a panic attack by the time I got outside, so I took a sedative and we headed off down Colombo St to go to South City for soda and Subway instead. And a shit ton of depressing photos.

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overheard at home

Mum: I walked a long way and then I looked at the map and it was only a little way.
Me: That's because the map is smaller.
Mum: Oh, that explains it.
Me: Yeah, they found that full-sized maps were kind of counter-productive, so they shrink them down.

Fuck yes I'm helpful.

I'm taking a day off from the occupation - was up until 1am last night finishing a kete before it dried out too much and I'm pretty tired today, so instead I watched Sunday's Dexter and now I'm working through season two Covert Affairs because I'm really fucking horribly behind on tv. I'll be able to make the evening GA tomorrow though, and then we have a mass rally on Monday and I'll probably come home to cook/do dishes and then go back to do overnight security. It's the first time we're really likely to see police, apart from the rally itself, not sure how many people we'll have up during the night but at least one other person has already spoken up to volunteer too. Everything's been really quiet so far so it's hard to know what to expect.

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Oct. 11th, 2011

Normally Jack loved Ianto's work ethic. First thing coffee and a good hour of watching him perform all those annoying start-of-day tasks that needed to be done no matter how boring they were was only to the good, after all. Unfortunately, now that he finally had him in bed, the early rising was not nearly innuendo-laden enough for his tastes.

"Really," Ianto was protesting between lazy, languorous, morning kisses, "I need a shower."

Jack personally thought he smelled fantastic, but he could see how it might be a bit of a distraction. "I could join you."

"I don't think I'm physically capable of more sex."

"Are you sure?"

Ianto laughed, trying to disentangle himself. Jack didn't stop him, exactly, but nor did he make any move to make it easier. "Not if I want to work today."

"Call in sick," he suggested. "I have an in with the boss."

"No coffee," Ianto reminded him. "No paperwork. No suits."

Jack paused for a moment, recognising the persuasiveness of the argument, then gave in. Probably helped that he hadn't ever thought he'd actually convince him anyway, but it was also a very persuasive argument. "You're right. Go. Shower. Coffee."

Another laugh, which he was fairly certain officially made it more times than he'd ever heard from Ianto before the previous night. Considering how recently they'd been on the verge of killing each other, it was quite nice. As was the view as Ianto levered himself out of bed and padded towards the bathroom. "I knew you only wanted me for my coffee."

"And the suits," Jack agreed cheerfully, folding his arms under his head to prop himself up a bit. Mmm. Very nice view. He heard the water switch on a moment after it disappeared, and let the sound lull him into a deeper state of relaxation, drifting on that incredible post-orgasmic, post-nap haze, brain replaying a few particularly choice segments of the night on the inside of his eyelids. Oh, they were definitely going to do this again. Soon.

It was several minutes before Ianto emerged, still drying himself off with one of Jack's thick green towels. He rolled onto his side to watch, eyes still half-closed, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as Ianto picked up his underwear, frowned at it, and dropped it again. Now he was going to be thinking about what wasn't under his trousers all day. He just hoped there wasn't anything too serious to deal with.

"Are you actually going to watch me get dressed?" Ianto asked, shaking out his shirt. At least white was generic enough that no one would notice it was the same one - though honestly Jack didn't rate that high the likelihood that most of the team would notice anyway. He was not unaware that other pursuits had Gwen and Owen occupied, at least.

"Is that a problem?"

He looked at him quizzically for a moment, then shook his head. His fingers moved deftly over the shirt buttons, leading Jack to think about what other things those fingers might be good at - definite possibilities in that direction. Trousers on and fastened, then he bent down to manage shoes and socks.

"Ooh, can you turn around for this bit?" Jack asked, then chuckled when Ianto flipped him off in one elegant, precise movement.

Footwear managed, Ianto glanced around the room for a moment, one hand resting idly on his hip. "Where did my tie get to?"

"On my desk. I think your jacket's on the couch."

"Right." He reached out to get a grip on the ladder up to the office, stopping when Jack took a hold of his wrist and looking back at him steadily, as though waiting.

Jack just smiled, and was gratified when Ianto leaned down to kiss him again, slow, sensuous, sexy. "Any time," he murmured when they broke apart. "Just say the word."

"I will," Ianto promised, and Jack's smile turned satisfied as he watched him make his way up the ladder.

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in everything changes we get the first shot of the hand in a jar. but I really wanna know what the deal is with the head in a jar behind it!

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I has a rec

Last night was pretty typical. Sat down to dinner. House started shaking. Lights rocking back and forth. Mum put her hand over her glass. "Well, that was bigger than a five."

"But we didn't lose power."

Then I got told to run the shower into a bucket while waiting for it to warm up so we don't waste water. Yep. Good times.

Who fen! My sister made a vid and it's awesome. Also kind of creepy. You should all watch it and tell her she's awesome. And I should work more on mine...

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A project.

There's been talk at my weaving group of getting a stall at a market sometime to sell our work.

Today we made it pretty much official. We'll be weaving under the name of [Te Whare] Whiri Pūkenga and selling at markets etc. I believe the first one we'll be at is on October 22nd on the site of the Holy Trinity Church (now demolished) at 168 Stanmore Road. We do a lot of putiputi (flowers) but the group has skills in quite a few areas. I'm hoping, personally, to have some ribbon work done by then.

As for what I've been doing yesterday and today - I was too tired and headachy yesterday to start anything big - here's a picture:

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Dr Who: Season Six is done

SpoilersCollapse )

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You can't arrest an idea

Global Revolution is streaming video of Brooklyn Bridge where thousands of peaceful protesters are having a stand-in while police arrest people. So far over 15,000 viewers are tuned in. There's very little, if any, violence from the crowd, just standing there letting themselves be arrested for exercising their rights. It's incredibly brave, and the fact that there's a near total media blackout on it just goes to show how corrupt the system is.

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The Night Circus

You know a book is good when you finish it and the first thing you do is tweet the author asking if they have a fanfic policy.

That said, you should go to this link and use one of the red buttons to join the game, and then go and buy a copy of the book. They go together, it's awesome, it means that as well as reading the book you get to actually explore the circus as well, and reading the book makes the game better because you have a different understanding of everything that comes up in the cards.

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40 metres of ribbon and a weekend

Actually, a little more than a weekend, but that scans better, and really that's all that matters, right?

At any rate, my project lately has been what I've been referring to as "Joseph's technicolour dream bag" on Twitter - a kete made from ribbon.

Normally I work with NZ flax - harakeke - which looks more like this:

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but flax and ribbon are kind of different materials. Ribbon is slippery and doesn't change texture or size or shape, which means that it won't go hard and shrink when it's dry, but it also doesn't stay in place as easily and can be a lot fiddlier. And it's not free. My materials here were limited by what 10m rolls I could find in the boxes of ribbon at The Warehouse, but I think I came out with quite a good selection in the end. I had to use a lot more pegs to hold things in place than I normally would, and a couple of times I resorted to pins as well, and overall it probably took a fair bit longer than it would have if it were flax (though the preparation of flax takes a while, whereas ribbon is just cut and go). There was a lot of swearing.

So what would I change if I was doing it again? Possibly go and read a few books instead. No, I'm kidding. Honestly - machine sewing.

Before you go "aha, that's how zie did it!", there is actually almost no sewing in this. At the very start I laid all the ribbon side by side and sewed straight across, about 10cm from one end.* Then, at the very end, I hemmed the top to prevent the ribbon loosening and undoing over time. But still, it's delicate work and the needle is hungry for my blood, so next time point me at the sewing machine, baby.

I'm sort of enchanted by this, so I'll most likely attempt more, in different styles and to practice the decorative patterns as I learn them. It should be fun.

* When you do it with flax, using stringy stuff (muka) you get when separating it into pieces to tie them together, my teacher calls it whatu. I hate whatuing. It's fiddly and difficult and the muka breaks on me a lot. I actually tried a different style of kete once without whatuing, and promptly learned why they started doing it in the first place - it's even harder not to.

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lol what have I become

I posted to my RL/political blog last night before bed and a local MP retweeted the link. Actually she happens to be one of the more twitter-active local MPs. Luckily this did not result in a huge influx of comments, only a couple, but it was definitely a surreal moment.

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So, bumper post of where I'm at.

- My name change went through and I am now much harder to stalk!

- Today we had sudden unexpected chocolate at work

- The US are trying to push treaty agreements that would strip countries of their ability to fight back against "evergreening" of patents. I have not heard a single fucking thing about this trade deal that is even neutral, let alone good. Free trade is far too often a blatant lie designed solely to protect US corporate interests at the expense of others.

- I have officially seen more articles on Stuff about Troy Davis than the massacre in Yemen. This is not to say that Troy Davis doesn't deserve media attention - he does, it's an amazing example of the flaws in the US justice system. But there's a journalist on Twitter who's been live-tweeting the mass murder of protestors and bystanders, including small children, and I've seen one article about it.

- Along with the DADT repeal, Tasmania has approved same-sex marriage. Fucking A.

- I have been making things, and have proof.

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Dr Who 6.11

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o/h on the bus home

[looking at a billboard for scuba diving training, reading "Dive for fun, learn to earn".]
Me: There really aren't that many jobs in the scuba diving industry.
Sister: They can teach other people to scuba dive. And then... other people. And other people.
Me: Basically, it's a pyramid scheme.
Sister: An underwater one. An ice-- *hand gestures*
Me: Well you know, only a tenth of a pyramid is above water.
Sister: So water is financial solvency. Right.

I had forgotten this, but my desktop computer has this horrid USB 1.0. It takes a bit more than four and a half minutes to load the external drive. I then selected my Dr Who and Torchwood folders, which totals about 57GB, and copied them. It's going to take approximately 23 hours. It's going to take me quite some days to copy all the stuff I want to copy.

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Sep. 11th, 2011

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A date with destiny

When a disaster hits, you always hear stories about miracles. Someone didn't leave on time for their jog. Any other day they would have been there. They would have gone if they hadn't come down sick. They woke up, heard something strange and rolled out of bed just in time.

Normally I don't pay so much attention to these - while it's great for that person and their family and friends, I always assume that for each of those, there was probably someone who was on time to walk their dog, who went into work on their day off, who didn't have sick leave, who was a heavy sleeper. But not on September 4, 2010. That day we had the lucky escapes without the tragedies. No one died that morning. And for the rest of the year, people continued to not die, even on Boxing Day when the quake hit in the middle of the day. It seemed like luck was looking out for us.

Probably no one expected that that luck would get cashed in six months later, and now nothing is the same. This last year seems to have consumed everything that we once considered normal and replaced it, with helicopters, with empty sections, with FOR SALE signs on houses still standing, with portaloos and septic tanks, with safety fences, red zones, green zones, soldiers, bulldozers, EQC claims, magnitudes and liquefaction and water tables. I've watched videos taken in the CBD without recognising exactly where they were filmed; photos seem to be completely lacking in context.

The city is more than buildings though. Some of us have left, and I imagine Christchurch will always mean something to them, and many of us have stayed, and I know it will always live in our hearts. Tonight I visited someone who I'd never heard of at this time last year, and we watched 80s movies and drank and laughed a lot, and not that many months ago I'm not sure how easy that would have been. Time makes things easier, but it will never entirely bring back the world we used to live in.

To all those who have been lost to the earthquakes (probably 200 or more now), rest in peace, and kia manawanui. We will never forget.

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Stuff from today

1. My contract is coming up to ending so we got our extensions. New one ends November 25.

2. We went to Westfields, where I've been very rarely lately because honestly it makes me a bit nervous, and while there we stopped at Bond and Bond to get cheap headphones. While waiting to pay, I spotted a display of 2TB external hard drives for $139. Also 1TB external hard drives for $139. So apparently I have a couple of terabytes spare now. >.> Which means I'm eventually going to run out of excuses to procrastinate on just converting a whole shit load of Dr Who and Torchwood into chunks of raw video file for editing.

3. Um holy shit what the fuck. This is the main street.

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Fanvid downloads

Horribly late I have gotten around to uploading zips of my fanvids to my webspace.

A Soldier's Poem
Cloudy Now (Mentalist)
Don't Let Go The Coat
Don't Tell The Captain
Englishman In New York
First Date
Gunning Down Romance
I Wish I Was (Crazy)
Jack's Enormous Penis *
Not The Doctor * **
Porcelain *
Pure Imagination
Safety Dance
Sleepyhead (not completed)
That Don't Impress Me Much * **
The Day Before
Why Does My Heart (Feel So Bad) *

* mp4 format, poor quality (technically)
** early attempt, terrible quality (artistically)

Now to go and correct all the links on individual entries...

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Let's Kill Hitler

So, I was actually incredibly unimpressed with the new Dr Who.

Some of my issues in no particular order - SPOILERSCollapse )

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Glancing through backposts, I see that the embeds on many of my vid posts are fucked. Luckily, I recently acquired a domain, so tomorrow after work I think I'll upload the actual files to a subdirectory on it.

This sort of thing doesn't happen with fic, so much. :/

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Aug. 14th, 2011

^ I posted this May 28th. Today (yesterday) was Mum's 60th birthday and we went to Scared Scriptless (comedy improv show) which involved driving around the E-NE-N of the city centre. It's the closest I've been since February. We went past that building, and others that were worse, a lot of them were nothing but skeletons. I'm not sure if this is related to my assessment of the show being rather weak in some places. There was a long line of buildings in a commercial-industrial area at one point that were missing the wall closest to the road for at least a hundred metres - hard to tell because we were driving, but I was watching them for a fair while.

August is being a hard month and the knowledge that it's been almost a year since the first earthquake is not helping. I have a vague idea of what I'm going to post on the anniversary, but I suspect that after the start it's going to get away from me. All previous attempts at writing anything about it have been like that - I start writing and just keep going with no idea what I'm going to say until I'm typing it.

We're expecting another snowfall in the next few days, probably a bad one. We've been discussing since yesterday various possibilities with regards to work depending on different conditions on Monday, neither of us are working Tuesday, I'm on Wednesday and we're also having a Midwinter Christmas with Secret Santa so presumably my sister will come in later in the day for that if the office is open (it probably will be by then whatever happens). I don't want it to be closed on Monday, we've just opened a new grant and it's the weekend now so the call centre's not open (unless Wellington covers it in the weekend - I don't even know). Meals on Wheels has been trying to organise standby drivers with 4WDs in case they're needed, too.

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Reasons my job is better than yours

The bigger of the two grants we're offering right now, and you can google this if you want to make sure, has the glorious name of the Alternative Sewage System grant. If anyone asks I plan to tell them that rumour has it it beat out the alternatives of Personal Improvised Sewage Solutions and Sewerage & Hygiene Infrastructure Trauma grant.

Then, Internet, I saw a man walking a cat.

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If wishes were horses

I would like $1 (in the speaker's native currency, even if that works out to a few cents in mine) from every person who wonders why poor people don't just go to school and get some skills so they can get a job and work their way up in the world so that I can go back to university so I can get some qualifications and get a permanent job after the Red Cross is done.

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FIC: Cocoa Vanilla

What? Two new things in a week? I know, I was surprised too!

Title: Cocoa Vanilla
Author: phaetonschariot
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: R
Kink_bingo square: vanilla kink
Summary: This was never in the game plan.
Irrelevant minutiae: Interestingly, before artificial vanilla essence became popular, vanilla was actually considered to be a very indulgent flavour. The real thing is supposedly a lot different and far superior, quite the opposite of its reputation as a blank/default/boring taste.

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mah learnings

I'm looking at the extra-mural Maori Studies courses offered at Massey, which is probably my best option for what I want to do (unless I move to Palmy and just, like, go to Massey). A BA looks... pretty doable. In theory you only actually have to do one first year paper but I'll probably take He Tirohanga o Mua: Maori Custom, Lore and Economics and either Te Reo Whakahoahoa: Socialising in Maori or Te Reo Konakinaki: Developing the Language, both of which are language courses, it just depends how much knowledge you need for the latter - by then I might be justified in taking that one. There's also an Introduction to Social Policy in first semester which is a possibility if I want to minor in Social Policy. If I take the more beginner-y Te Reo paper in semester one I could take a second year paper in the second semester at the same time as He Tirohanga o Mua, probably Mana Maori: Maori and Politics. Either way that would give me 1-2 papers a semester which I could presumably do while working, especially if I limit myself to like 30 hours a week. (I'm currently doing 16 and don't want to push myself too fast, so I wouldn't want to be doing more than 30 next year probably.)

Incidentally I might be getting some down time next week. There's no open grants, we're just working through the winter assistance stuff that's still on hold, so there's only one payments shift and each shift of call centre will be for 2 people, though that may be increased if they issue a press release because people will be asking questions. New grants will be opening the week after that and shift supply will go up again as there may be some large numbers involved.

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