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- I am Kei
- I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. Yep, the place with the earthquake. My neighbourhood is munted. Did you know it's easier to connect wireless internet than water and sewage?
- Relatedly, friends can get my emergency contact information here.
- You may have heard my name in connection with coffee enemas or that one vore fic. I also write Mutual Service though, which is an immortal!Ianto series exploring coming to grips with the whole thing, so it's not all creeptastic and out there kinks.
- I identify as femromantic, agendered and asexual - or just, queer.
- I have two rabbits named Holly and Nelthilta who are my babies and I love them
- I play WoW on the Bronzebeard server (US)
- I'm pretty political and lean drastically left. I also believe that if you're not angry, you're not paying attention. Currently, I'm pretty damn angry at the US government and the NZ government for overlapping but not exactly duplicative reasons. Be warned that if you ask, I will probably tell you, at length.
- My religious beliefs, such as they are, are mostly tied up in nature and Earth and the life of animals; my incredible level of misanthropy links into this and I have Theories about the degradation of society that you really don't want to get me started on. They will probably offend someone, anyway. Suffice to say, my god is not a human god.
- I read. A lot. My all-time favourite book is Watership Down, my second is Almost Perfect.
- I spent five years going to weekend writing classes and can't imagine not writing. At my best, I'm prolific, if not lengthy.

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